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Revolution Mixed Martial Arts has already helped scores of people just like you get in the shape of their life, learn kick butt fighting techniques, and be part of the TOP Martial Arts Programs in Central Arkansas! Whether they want to fight or not, they are watching fat literally melt away and become replaced with lean body mass and rock solid confidence that is "wowing" their friends and family. So why not find out what our Secret World Class Training System of Professional Strength and Conditioning and Mixed Martial Arts can do for you by giving us a try for 30 Days Absolutely FREE!

Whether you want to be the next champion, simply just want to be in the best shape of your life, or want nothing but the best for your child and their future, you have found a team dedicated to nothing less than the best for you. Our mission is simple, World Class Training yields World Class results in the cage, ring, on the mats and in life.

“For me, Revolution Mixed Martial Arts is the best school to train MMA in Arkansas. At Revolution, they have a big structured program, teachers that are real fighters and still competing, and they have knowledge in jiu-jitsu, wrestling and kickboxing. In addition they have multiple locations where I can train, with classes for all levels from beginner to advanced. Whenever I am in the US, I always go train at Revolution.” - Marcelo “Pato” Pereira
  6-2 Professional MMA
BJJ Black Belt
3x World Jiu Jitsu Champion
3X Brazilian National Jiu Jitsu Champion

“Revolution MMA has changed not only my life but my husbands as well! Abby and Jory are great instructors. They bring their love and respect of the martial arts to their classes, and fully engage every student individually! While there are many great physical/health benefits to the training, the sense of accomplishment, self respect, and confidence gained through the training are indescribable; and this makes REVOLUTION MMA the most positive martial arts experience in central Arkansas!” - Sarah W.

“If you’re thinking about giving MMA a try, whether you want to compete or not, then this will be the best decision you can make for yourself.”

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“You Really Can’t Afford Not To Try Revolution Mixed Martial Art’s 30-Day Free Trial Program”

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PS. When you come in, we’ll give you a Free T-Shirt, Free Consultation (where we’ll discuss your goals one on one and make a plan of action) and we’ll take you through your first intro class. We GUARANTEE you’ll love it!

Secure Your 30 Day Trial Now!

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